Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Fairytale

Life, with all its hues,
endowed me with all its secrets.

Years took me through forests,

sometimes green and sometimes black.

And after a decade of slumber, or reticence,

I found myself a princess
in a little glass palace.
Guarded by a guild, the guile people.

Someone, I noticed, was hesitating
at my threshold;
A prince with a rose.
Somebody whispered that he was God.
I knew how to trust, consequently,
he was invited, surprisingly he came.
A patron conjured, 'lullaby' I mistook.
He was thrown out while I slept.
On waking I enquired, admonition followed.

Yielding, unyielding, I pushed time into a dungeon
of suppressed euphoria I shared, with Solitude,
who was also being hunted, along with me.
Together we translated our nights
into astral fragments of schizophrenic agony

that swished across the seas only to wither away,
When you claimed the flicker by my name, as you did

then own every fleeting anomaly, of time and darkness.